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With the deteriorating situation in Sudan and with no safe or legal routes for people from Sudan to find sanctuary in the UK, Sanctuary Foundation is encouraging the government to open a scheme similar to that made available to the people of Ukraine.

If you are a Sudanese person living in the UK and wish to host family members fleeing Sudan, you can help us by indicating your support on this pledge form. We encourage you to tick the option: “Space in my home for a relative”, and “Signature on a Petition.”

If you are a British UK resident and can offer to host a Sudanese refugee, please tick the option “Space in my home for someone who needs it” and the “Signature on a Petition.”

If you cannot offer to host anyone but would like to express your support for a safe route for those fleeing Sudan, please tick the “Signature on a Petition.”

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Pledge Your Support for Sudan

I want to play my part and support Sudanese refugees to come to the UK. 

There are three ways you can support. 

1. As a Sudanese household offering to host family members to come to the UK

2. As a UK resident willing to offer Sudanese refugees

3. Signing the petition to encourage the government to open a Sudanese refugee scheme

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