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No Place Like Home

Lent 2023




Wave of Compassion

This report was presented on the anniversary of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme in the House of Lords.

Dr Krish Kandiah OBE, presented the report alongside Ukrainian refugees, UK hosts and the Deputy Ambassador of Ukraine.

Welcoming Ukrainians: The hosts' perspective

In January 2023, More in Common, with support from our partners in Reset and the Sanctuary Foundation, surveyed over 1200 Home for Ukraine hosts and conducted focus groups with others.

Restoring Hope

Albania is the most frequent place of origin of those involved in small boat irregular migration accounting for 28% of the 46,000 who were known to arrive this way in 2022.

Homes Now For Afghans

In August 2021, over 20,000 Afghan citizens who had risked their lives to support the British diplomatic and military mission in Afghanistan were evacuated by the British military.

The homes for ukraine scheme: A model for the future?

Tens of thousands of people in the UK have opened their homes to Ukrainians. An examination of this historic welcome offers important insights for future schemes aimed at helping refugee groups and vulnerable people.

HELLO Привіт

Two million Ukrainian children have fled war since the Russian invasion in February 2022, and the UK has enabled tens of thousands of them to come to our country. Sanctuary Foundation has designed a gift book that introduces them to life in the UK and can become a treasured memento of this significant time in their lives.

The book includes messages of welcome from British celebrities including Bear Grylls (adventurer and Chief Scout), Tom Odell (singer/songwriter), Mel Giedroyc (actress), Anoushka Shankar (musician) and Gemma Hunt (television presenter), and from Ukrainian celebrities including Andrei Pietov (goalkeeper), Jamala (singer) and Igor Kuzmenko (Dancing with the Stars winner).

The colourful bilingual book is designed to:

  • Welcome Ukrainian children to the UK
  • Convey lots of information about life in the UK
  • Help Ukrainian children to build bridges with their UK peers
  • Help children to navigate conversations
  • Offer support for those learning the English language
  • Help children to keep safe in the UK
  • Signpost children and parents to people who can help them
  • Be a keepsake to help children make sense of their life story in the future
  • Help children reflect on their perceptions and experiences of life in the UK
  • Help children to feel comfortable raising questions and seeking answers